Article 15

A young IPS officer’s new posting in rural India has him confronting caste disparities and uncomfortable truths in the face of a gruesome crime. When three girls go missing in the fictional village of Lalgaon, two of them are found dead and there is no trace of the third one. Where is she and who is responsible for this heinous act?

The music of Mangesh Thakde is influential. The supporting cast is the cornerstone of the acting film. As a committed police officer for a handsome, fearless and framing, Ayushman Khurana has done a great job at this level of career. His characteristic has been that he has not let it over over the top anywhere. Your character is very beautifully underplayed. Sayani Gupta has acted as a Gaura. Zeissan Ayub leaves the impact despite a small roll. The acting of Manoj Pahwa and Kumud Mishra is wonderful. The actress who played the teenage actress has instinctively acted. Isha Talwar has received less screen space, but she has done justice with her role.


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