Spider-Man: Far from Home

The film earned 33 lakh on Thursday, 37 lakh on Wednesday, 38 lakh on Tuesday, and 40 lakh on Monday. Earlier, the previous weekend had earned 1.67 million on Sunday, 1.30 million on Saturdays and 62 lakh rupees on Friday. Now the film has another weekend with good earnings hopes. But it is also being said that there are many Hindi films in addition to Hollywood at the box office at this time, and at the moment there is a buzz in the middle of everyone. Particularly, Hrithik Roshan’s film Super 30, Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao’s film Jazzantal Ki Kya and the Hollywood movie The Lion King are doing well.

The film had raised Rs 61.05 crore in the first week. After this, 17.70 crores in the second week and Rs 5.07 crores in the third week. The total collection has been around 84 crores. In India Spiderman was from Home on July 4, 1945, which was released on Screens. Due to its release on Thursday, it got a 4-day Opening Weekend. Tom Holland plays Peter Parker’s main role in the film. Spider-Man Far From Home has been directed by Jon Watts.


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