Thorati is a Tamil period movie, directed by Haman Mithru. The cast of Thorati includes Soundara Raja,C V Kumar. A care-free shepherd, who befriends three thieves without knowing their past, lands in trouble post his marriage. The posters of Thorati has the tagline “vendha soru sutta kari patta saarayam” – this sums up the movie as the plot revolves around these ingredients. Set against the backdrop of Ramanathapuram, the story has its protagonist Mayan (Shaman Mithru), a shepherd, who leads a happy-go-lucky-life even as his father is concerned about his future. He befriends a trio (played by Sundarrajan, Chellam Jeyaseelan and Muthuraman) who wouldn’t mind going to any extent to relish vendha soru, sutta kari and patta saarayam.



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