101-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater tells the story of her life aboard the Titanic, 84 years later. A young Rose boards the ship with her mother and fiancé. Meanwhile, Jack Dawson and Fabrizio De Rossi win third-class tickets aboard the ship. Rose tells the whole story from Titanic’s departure through to its death—on its first and last voyage—on April 15, 1912.



Find information related to Titanic Movie which may interest you or which may come in your work. Latest information, news, videos and photos touching different aspects related to Titanic Movie. From politics to technology, entertainment and culture, stay tuned for the latest movement of the world with netflixmovies. It stars Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson. Both these characters belong to two different social classes who fall in love with each other and they are both passengers of the ill-fated ship. Although both of these main characters and their love story are fictional, some characters, such as some of the ship’s crew) are based on actual historical events. In the current context, the role of the elderly Rose who tells the story is played by Gloria Stewart.

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