Toy Story 4

The story of the film starts from there, where the last was over. Andy’s Favorite Cowboy Woody (Tom Hanks) has been in Bonnie’s toys for the past two years, but Bonny is not so much loved by her. He did not choose to play Woody for a long time. Here, Woody’s closest companion Bo Pip (Annie Pots) has been bought by an unknown person. Despite Woody’s millions attempts, Bo does not stop the breed from brewing. Bonnie has to go to kindergarten in the summer holidays, which she is sad about. In such a way, while fulfilling his duty to keep Boni happy, Woody escapes into his bag and goes to kindergarden, where he helps Bonney to make a frog similar to junk. Now Farki Boni becomes a favorite toy, while the fork is that she does not own the toy, when seen as a trash, then she gets in the dustbin. Many fun and interesting developments fall in order to get the feel of being a toy from Trash. In this adventure ride, Woody is not only reunited with Bo Pepe, but also with new-born toys such as Gabby Gabby (Christina Hendrix), Duke Kaboom (Canoe Reeves) and Ducky Bunny (Keegan Michael Kelly and Jordan Pale). is. All of them have their own story, due to which tremendous twists come in the life of Woody and Farki. In such a situation, you have to watch the film to know what the loyalty to Woody and her friends who have everything to do to get the Farki back to Bonnie. What risks do you have to face?


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